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Rare Books of 15th - 17th Century. Classics - Science - INCUNABULA - Voyages.

Brué, [Adrien-Hubert]. Atlas universel de Geographie physique, politique et historique, ancienne et moderne. Paris: chez l` Auteur 1822 [- 1824], engraved title, engraved table of contents, 1 text leaf, 36 engraved double page maps, outline coloured, contemporary red half leather, spine gilt, large folio (53 x 36 cm). 2.400,00 EUR
First Edition. Phillips 758 (2. ed.). With maps of the Old World (9), 2 worldmaps, Europe (13), Asia (5), Oceania, Africa, and America (4). The text leaf contains the account of Alexander von Humboldt over the Brué Atlas, lecture given at the Académie des Sciences in Paris, 19th of January 1824. Each map with small embossed stamp `Carte encyprotipe du fonds de l`auteur`. The map Carte Generale des Etats-Unis de l`Amerique Septentrionale (cf. Wheat TMW 336) was based on work of Arrowsmith and Melish with information from the Lewis & Clark and Humboldt`s expeditions. This handsome and finely engraved map covers the United States with most of Mexico and a bit of Canada. The United States are shown with their claims into British Columbia (District de la Colombia) and Spain still controls all of Texas and the Southwest, most of which is blank with only conjectural topography shown.
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Casserius, Julius (Giulio Casserio). De vocis auditusq[ue] organis historia anatomica singulari fide methodo ac industria concinnata tractatibus duobus explicata. Ferrara: Victorius Baldinus 1601 / 1600, 2 parts in 1 volume: [60], 191, [1 blank]; 126, [1], [1 blank] pages with engraved title-page, title in a large oval scrollwork cartouche surrounded by and incorporating dozens of skeletons and skulls of people and animals, 2 full-page engraved portraits (of the dedicatee Ranuccio I Farnese, Duke of Parma, and the author) and 34 full-page anatomical engravings on integral leaves, most containing multiple figures, numerous woodcut headpieces, tailpieces and other decorations, numerous woodcut decorated initials, 18th vellum, gilt, royal folio (38,5 x 28 cm). 12.500,00 EUR
First edition of a ground-breaking work on the anatomy of the vocal and auditory organs, written by the well-known anatomist and surgeon Giulio Casserio (1561?-1616). It was his first publication and contains 2 separate treatises that were issued together, the first on the anatomy of the larynx and the second on hearing and the anatomy of the ear. The treatise on the larynx was the first accurate publication on the subject. The description of the superior and inferior laryngeal nerves is accurate, as are Casserio`s assumptions that they originate from cranial nerves and his statements of the function of the laryngeal nerves. He also deals with phonation: the nature of sound, concepts concerning the nature of the human voice, the importance of the larynx in general and the reasons for its shape, position and structure. The second treatise, including the last 12 engravings, covers the anatomy of the ear and deals with vascularization and the innervation of the middle and inner ear and the physiology of hearing. The engraved plates are of superior quality and very detailed and exact. In the text Casserio mentions the German artist Joseph Maurer, who lived for a while in his house with the specific purpose of making the anatomic drawings. Recent research attributes the baroque and allegorical engraved title-page, including skeletons and skulls of people (some with wings), frogs, birds, dogs and other animals, most likely -- and the 2 portraits almost certainly to Jacopo Ligozzi. Garrison-Morton 286 & 1540; Hofer 62; Choulant 223/24; Singer 161/65. First two leaves with some repairs, but a very good copy.
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Custos, Dominicus. Contrafehe der Herrn Fugger vnd Frawen Fuggerin wöllche in disem Geschlecht geporen worden oder zue demselben sich ehelich verpflichtet haben. Augsburg: Sara Mängin Wittib 1620 (1619), 2 unnumbered leaves, 127 numbered, 4 unn. leaves with engraved title, engraved coat of arms, and 129 engraved portraits by D. Custos (60) and Lucas and Wolfgang Kilian (69), 20th century vellum by the Swedish bookbinder Gustaf Hedberg (1859 - 1920), folio (30,3 x 19 cm). 2.800,00 EUR
Third Edition (first 1593 with 72 portraits; second 1618 with 127 portraits). VD17 12:648635H; OCLC 20891406; Goldsmiths`-Kress no. 00492.1; cf. Lipperheide Da 8. "Diß Werck hat auff der wolgebornen Herren Fugger ... vor sechs vnd zwaintzig Jaren Dominicus Custos von Antorff gepürtig in Kupffer gestochen an Tag geben. Welches an jetzt durch Lucasen vnd Wolffgangen die Kilian gebrüdere, Burgere vnd Kupfferstechere zu Augspurg, gemehret vnd mit Fuggerischer Genealogi von newem gezierdt wider in Truckh kommen thut" ( page [2]). Dated on titlepage 1620; date of publication given on page [2] is 1619. Some restauration not effecting the text or the images.
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Gratianus. Decretum Gratiani summo studio elaboratum: correctum et cum libris Biblie accurate concordatum. Basle: Johannes Froben de Hammelburg 13th of June 1493, 519 unnumbered leaves (missing the last blank), with 1 large woodcut (Gratianus sitting and writing surrounded by the Prophetes, Apostles and Saints), numerous initials printed in red, gothic type, black and red printed text in two columns surrounded by the commentary, contemporary blindstamped calf (with remains of ties), with one contemporary ribbon of leather used as bookmark, large 4° (22,5 x 16,5). 18.500,00 EUR
GW 11377; Hain-C 7912; Goff G384; BSB-Ink G-278; Schreiber 4117; IGI 4410; Madsen 1763; Voullieme, Berlin 594; BMC III 790; Wilhelmi, Brant 345. Signatures: a-z8, &8, A-Z8, AA-SS8 (-1). Beautiful edition revised by Sebastian Brant and with the text by Gratianus (12th century) surrounded by the apostilles by Johannes Teutonicus Zemeke and Bartholomeus Brixiensis (? - 1258). Sebastian Brant (1458 - 1521) was professor for law in Basle. His famous work `Narrenschyff` was published in the same year at Froben`s officina, who was starting to evolve into Basle`s most important printer of the 16th century. Johannes Teutonicus Zemeke ( ? - 1245) was professor for law in Bologna. He used the `Glossa Palatina` to edit the Decretum Gratiani. This work is his main work and became one of the most important works in the history of juridical literature. (See Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon III, 596). This copy with the beautiful woodcut portrait of Sebastian Brant (after a portrait by Tobias Stimmer) mounted on inner cover. A beautiful clean copy on strong paper in a remarkable German Renaissance binding by a bookbinder in Southern Germany , operating between 1475 and 1515. (cf. Einbanddatenbank: EBDB s 029713; Werkstatt Maria XII)
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Homer (graece - latine). Odyssea id est, de rebus ab Ulysse gestis. Eiusdem Batrachomyomachia & Hymni. Latina versione ad verbum è regione apposita. Strasbourg: Theodosius Rihel [1572], 837 pages, [1 page], 25 unnumbered leaves, with woodcut printer`s device on title, contemporary pigskin over boards, blindstamped and coloured in red and blue, dated 1576 and initials GV, red edges, 8° (19,5 x 12,5 cm). 3.850,00 EUR
VD16 H 4697, (also: VD16 H 4622, VD16 H 4644); Adams H 763; Schweiger I, 157; Heitz, Elsässische Büchermarken plate XXXI, N° 10 (for the printer`s device); Haebler I, page 75, XXIV (for the plates). Impressive Renaissance Binding by Hans Cantzler from Wittenberg dated 1576 coloured in red and blue. Front and back cover each with a central plate, surrounded by two roles: candelabra role (dyed in blue) and tendril role (dyed in red). Front cover with four scenes: Fall of Mankind, Resurrection, Last Judgement and Crucifixion. Back cover with two scenes: Annunciation and Adoration of the Shepherds. Hans Cantzler worked from 1546 till his death 1580 in Wittenberg, Saxony-Anhalt, Germany. His reformatory attitude is reflected by the scene of the Last Judgement: the Pope is been lost in the hellfire. (cf. Konrad von Rabenau; Deutsche Bucheinbände der Renaissance, N° 43).
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Kaempfer, Engelbert. Histoire Naturelle, Civile et Ecclesiastique de L`Empire du Japon: Composeé en Allemand … & traduite de Jean-Gaspar Scheuchzer. The Hague: P. Gosse, & J. Neaulme 1729. 2 volumes: 5 unnumbered pages, LII pages, 217 pages; 2 unnumbered leaves, 313 pages, 96 pages, with engraved frontispiece, title pages printed in red and black, 45 engraphed plates, maps and plans (43 double-page or folding), contemporary marbled calf, spine richly gilt, folio (36 x 24 cm). 6.850,00 EUR
First edition in French. "cet ouvrage très estimé". Brunet III, 638; Chadenat, 6020; Cox I, p. 333; Cordier Japonica, 416; Rahir 477; Landwehr, VOC 532. Published two years after the first edition which was published in English. In his lifetime Engelbert Kaempfer (1651 - 1716) published nothing of his travels in the Far East; it was not until his natural history collection and literary remains were purchased by Sir Hans Sloane in 1723-5 that this account, written shortly before his death, was translated into English by Johann Gaspar Scheuchzer and prepared for publication. Thereafter this encyclopaedic description of Japanese flora and fauna, religion and customs, government and industries remained "the chief source of Western knowledge of Japan" (Landwehr). Hinges of vol. II neatly repaired, otherwise fine copy.
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Martyr, Peter. De rebus oceanicis et novo orbe, decades tres. Item eiusdem, De Babylonica legatione, libri III. Et item De rebus Aethiopicis, Indicis, Lusitanicis, & Hispanicis, opuscula quaedam historica doctissima, quae hodiè non facilè alibì reperiunter, Damiana a Goes Equitis Lusitani. Cologne: Gervinus Calenius & Haeredes of Quentel 1574. 24 unnumbered leaves, 655 pages, 15 unn. leaves (index), with some decorative woodcut initials, contemporary full leather, 8° (17,3 x 11 cm). 4.850,00 EUR
Third edition. Adams M 755; Sabin 1558; European Americana 574.1; Medina 235; Palau 12595; Borba de Moraes 532; VD 16 A 2844; Bell A214; Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection 2; OCLC 165783327. The `DECADES` were published for the first time at Alcala in 1516, later at Basle 1533 and at Cologne 1574 (this edition). Peter Martyr d`Anghiera (1457 - 1526), historian of Spain, prior of Granada, was a friend of Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Cortes, Magellan, Cabot and Vespucci and the most significant chronicler of the initial stages of the discovery of the New World. This edition contains the first three `DECADES`, describing events between 1492 and 1516. `De rebus Oceanicis` includes the first sighting of the Pacific Ocean and the first account of Cabot`s activities in the American NorthEast. This volume also includes `De insulis nuper inventis`, which describes Cortes` voyage to Mexico (the lost first letter of Cortés), as well as `De Babylonica legatione` in which Martyr gives an account of his mission to Egypt in 1501- 02 and the work of Damiano de Gois on Ethiopia. The most accessible edition of one of the foundation works of New World history. Quire Nn before quire Mm (mixed up); binding with stronger traces of use, inside very good.
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Masson, Frédéric. Napoléon et son fils. Paris: Goupil, Manzi, Joyant & Cie. 1904, 2 unnumbered leaves, 294 pages, 1 leaf, with 52 illustrations (1 Faksimile, 2 coloured plates, 41 plates and 8 illustrations in the text), original broschure bound within, green grain full morocco with luxurious border and spine gilding (coat of arms and birds of paradise), end papers in green silk, inner edges gilt, folio (33,5 x 26 cm). 1.250,00 EUR
First Edition. OC.LC 918732240. One of 800 numbered copies on BFK Rives handmade paper. Signed dedication copy to José Maria de Heredia, Cuban/French poet. Signed binding by Lucien Durvand (1852-1924) Ernest de Crauzat, La Reliure française de 1900 à 1925, Paris, René Kieffer, 1932, part I, pages 56-57; Julien Fléty, Dictionnaire des relieurs français ayant exercé de 1800 à nos jours, Paris, éd. Technorama, 1988, page 65.
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Plutarch (graece). Quae Vocantur Parallela: hoc est, Vitae illustrium virorum graeci nominis ac latini. Basle: Andreas Cratander and Johann Bebel 1533, [4], 369, [1] leaves, contemporary, alum-tawed pigskin over beveled wooden boards with intact brass clasps and catch-plates, boards are paneled in blind and decorated with repeating rolls of trophies and scrolling flowering vines, folio (33 x 21 cm). 8.500,00 EUR
Third edition in Greek. (following the Aldine edition of 1519 and the editio princeps, printed by the Giunta firm in 1517). Adams P-1611; Brunet IV, 735; Hoffman III, 175; VD16 P 3756; Schweiger I, 259; Dibdin II, 343; BMSTC German 707. This edition was edited by Simon Grynaeus (1493-1541), who held the Greek chair at Heidelberg. With Cratander`s woodcut device of Fortuna, attributed to Hans Holbein, on the title page and final leaf. Provenance: This copy was owned by the French classical scholar Jean-Baptiste de La Curne de Sainte-Palaye (1697-1781), whose signature appears at the foot of the title page. A 17th c. reader has made extensive annotations inside the front board and has made additional annotations in the margins of the text, often reporting textual variants and referring to Renaissance editors and translators: e.g., Henri Estienne (fol. 58b), Xylander (fol. 164b, 242b), Lazare de Baif`s "De re navali" (fol. 71b), and an unidentified `doctissimus interpres Gallicus` (25a). The text is in very fine condition with broad margins. There are occasional light dampstains in the margins and a few instances of light marginal foxing. Beautifully preserved.
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Ptolemaeus, Claudius ( graece - latine). [Tetrabiblos]... In Claudii Ptolemaei quadripartitum enarrator ignoti nomini, quem tamen Proclum fuisse quidam existimant. Item... Porphyrii philosophi introductio in Ptolemaei opus de effectibus astrorum. Praetera Hermetis philosophi de revolutionibus nativitatum libri duo, incerto interprete. Basel: (ex officina Petriana September 1559), 12 unnumbered leaves (Index, Errata), 279 pages, 1 unn. page, with some woodcut diagrams, woodcut initials, and woodcut printer`s device on last page, contemporary vellum, gilt, folio ( 31,5 x 21,5 cm ). 6.500,00 EUR
First complete edition. Adams P 2240 (Ptolemaeus); Hoffmann III, 290 (Proclus); Schweiger I, 276 (Proclus); Brunet IV, 895 (Proclus). Ptolemy`s Tetrabiblos (first partly edited in 1535 by Camerarius with a Latin translation) is one of the great astrological texts of antiquity, and this commentary or paraphrasis is sometimes but dubiously attributed to Proclus. The text by "Hermes", which begins "Sole nativitatis tempore in loco aliquo" is by Albumasar (Ja`far ibn Muhammad (Abu Ma`shar), al-Balkhi). It has a dedication addressed by Hieronymus Wolf (1516-1580) to Paulus Haintzel of Augsburg. Wolf, who was a pupil of Camerarius and of Melanchthon, and the Fugger librarian, must have been the editor of the work.
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Selden, John. Mare Clausum seu de Dominio Maris libri duo. London: William Stanesby for Richard Meighen 1635, 13 unnumbered leaves, 304 pages, 7 unn. leaves, title printed in red and black, 2 engraved maps (nearly full-page), 6 (2 large) text-woodcuts and some woodcut-initials, contemporary full-leather (expertly rebacked) with spine label, clasps, red edges, small folio (29 x 19 cm). 3.850,00 EUR
First edition. Pollard & Redgrave 22175; Lowndes 2237; Graesse VI, 343; ter Meulen-D., Ecrits sur Grotius 55; Sabin 78971. A full exposition of the claims of England to the sovereignty of the seas written in response to Grotius´ `Mare liberum`, the `Mare clausum` is the first great clarion call British maritime supremacy delivered within the framework of international law. Provenance: coat of arms of Sir Richard Grosvenor of Eaton in Cheshire (1585 - 1645), Member of Parliament.
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