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Martyr, Peter. De rebus oceanicis et novo orbe, decades tres. Item eiusdem, De Babylonica legatione, libri III. Et item De rebus Aethiopicis, Indicis, Lusitanicis, & Hispanicis, opuscula quaedam historica doctissima, quae hodiè non facilè alibì reperiunter, Damiana a Goes Equitis Lusitani. Cologne: Gervinus Calenius & Haeredes of Quentel 1574. 24 unnumbered leaves, 655 pages, 15 unn. leaves (index), with some decorative woodcut initials, contemporary full leather, 8° (17,3 x 11 cm). 4.850,00 EUR
Third edition. Adams M 755; Sabin 1558; European Americana 574.1; Medina 235; Palau 12595; Borba de Moraes 532; VD 16 A 2844; Bell A214; Beinecke Lesser Antilles Collection 2; OCLC 165783327. The `DECADES` were published for the first time at Alcala in 1516, later at Basle 1533 and at Cologne 1574 (this edition). Peter Martyr d`Anghiera (1457 - 1526), historian of Spain, prior of Granada, was a friend of Columbus, Vasco de Gama, Cortes, Magellan, Cabot and Vespucci and the most significant chronicler of the initial stages of the discovery of the New World. This edition contains the first three `DECADES`, describing events between 1492 and 1516. `De rebus Oceanicis` includes the first sighting of the Pacific Ocean and the first account of Cabot`s activities in the American NorthEast. This volume also includes `De insulis nuper inventis`, which describes Cortes` voyage to Mexico (the lost first letter of Cortés), as well as `De Babylonica legatione` in which Martyr gives an account of his mission to Egypt in 1501- 02 and the work of Damiano de Gois on Ethiopia. The most accessible edition of one of the foundation works of New World history. Quire Nn before quire Mm (mixed up); binding with stronger traces of use, inside very good.
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