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Marquis of Ruvigny and Raineval. The Blood Royal of Britain being a roll of the living descendants of Edward IV. and Henry VII. Kings of England, and James III., King of Scotland. Single copy with 4 handpainted leaves on vellum embedded in the 1st edition. London, Jack, 1903. With 134 genealogic plates and many portraits in b/w as well as 4 decorative hand-painted plates on vellum in fantastic colours. XI, 620 pages. 4°, cloth with gilt edges. 1.995,00 EUR
This individual and copy belonged exclusively to the the Wittelsbach-Library. The English and original edition is very well preserved and embroidered with four magnificent handwritten and handpainted plates on vellum embedded as flyleaves to the volume. The illuminated plates are made with symbols and signs of emperors and high nobility. Plate I: her Royal highness Princess (...) of Bavaria; Plate II and III: Madam I venture to offer for the acceptance of Your Royal highness this book in the hope that it may prove of some interest to the Senior Representative of the house of which it treats; Plate IV: I am, Madam the humble and devoted servant of Your Royal highness. Binding very slightly spotted. Fine copy with excellent and clean plates. The painter of this 4 plates used several heralds, ruling symbols as lions and crowns, painted portrait and manor of the princess as well. Dominant colours are blue and silver (instead of white) for the House of Wittelsbach as well as brown for the guarding lions, gold for the ruling and Christian symbols like angels, green, red and blue for flowers and plants.
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