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Tungsram Radio. Catalog issued October 1924. Tungsram, 1934. Single leaf, printed recto and verso (23.5 × 15.5 cm), twice folded, with anonymous black and orange photomontage cover. Very light foxing to upper margin; else very good. 280,00 EUR
Czech-language catalog for Tungsram radio lamps, with a striking unattributed photo-montage cover. Perhaps inspired by the dynamic photo-montage compositions of Vojtech Tittelbach (1900-1971), the design evokes radio`s powerful role in conveying up-close the atmosphere of live sporting events. Tungsram, a Hungarian-founded company, produced telephony equipment as well as electric bulbs and tubes. This title not pictured in Toman, "Photo/Montage in Print." Not found in KVK, OCLC.
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