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Casserius, Julius (Giulio Casserio). De vocis auditusq[ue] organis historia anatomica singulari fide methodo ac industria concinnata tractatibus duobus explicata. Ferrara: Victorius Baldinus 1601 / 1600, 2 parts in 1 volume: [60], 191, [1 blank]; 126, [1], [1 blank] pages with engraved title-page, title in a large oval scrollwork cartouche surrounded by and incorporating dozens of skeletons and skulls of people and animals, 2 full-page engraved portraits (of the dedicatee Ranuccio I Farnese, Duke of Parma, and the author) and 34 full-page anatomical engravings on integral leaves, most containing multiple figures, numerous woodcut headpieces, tailpieces and other decorations, numerous woodcut decorated initials, 18th vellum, gilt, royal folio (38,5 x 28 cm). 12.500,00 EUR
First edition of a ground-breaking work on the anatomy of the vocal and auditory organs, written by the well-known anatomist and surgeon Giulio Casserio (1561?-1616). It was his first publication and contains 2 separate treatises that were issued together, the first on the anatomy of the larynx and the second on hearing and the anatomy of the ear. The treatise on the larynx was the first accurate publication on the subject. The description of the superior and inferior laryngeal nerves is accurate, as are Casserio`s assumptions that they originate from cranial nerves and his statements of the function of the laryngeal nerves. He also deals with phonation: the nature of sound, concepts concerning the nature of the human voice, the importance of the larynx in general and the reasons for its shape, position and structure. The second treatise, including the last 12 engravings, covers the anatomy of the ear and deals with vascularization and the innervation of the middle and inner ear and the physiology of hearing. The engraved plates are of superior quality and very detailed and exact. In the text Casserio mentions the German artist Joseph Maurer, who lived for a while in his house with the specific purpose of making the anatomic drawings. Recent research attributes the baroque and allegorical engraved title-page, including skeletons and skulls of people (some with wings), frogs, birds, dogs and other animals, most likely -- and the 2 portraits almost certainly to Jacopo Ligozzi. Garrison-Morton 286 & 1540; Hofer 62; Choulant 223/24; Singer 161/65. First two leaves with some repairs, but a very good copy.
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