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Medieval manuscript fragment Missal. 200,00 EUR
Leaf on vellum in gothic script, to be dated to the XV century, of German provenance. Leaf dimensions: about mm. 325 x 235; writing space: mm. 235 x 155. Text in black ink with red headings, arranged on 21-lines single column. The decoration set includes several red and blue initials extending over one or two lines, with watermarked colour contrasting extensions, as well as red and blue pilcrows. This leaf has been re-used from a binding marked by writings and traces of use. Recto , line 12, Epistle Of Saint Paul To The Galatians, chapter 4: Quanto tempore haeres parvulus est, nihil differt a servo, cum sit dominus omnium sed sub tutoribus et actoribus est usque ad praefinitum tempus a patre ita et nos cum essemus parvuli, sub elementis mundi eramus servientes. At ubi venit plenitudo temporis, misit Deus Filium suum factum ex muliere, factum sub lege, ut eos, qui sub lege erant, redimeret, ut adoptionem filiorum reciperemus.
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