Aus Kapitel: Theologie | Lexika

Biblical Lexicon. Latin bifolium on vellum written in `littera textualis` script, to be dated at the end of 13th/ early 14th century, probably of French provenance. Leaf dimensions : mm. ca. 332 x 240 ; writing space measurement : mm. ca. 255 x 180, with dry lining. The text was written in black ink with red-inked headings, divided into three columns each of them in turn divided in two sub-columns, the left one of these latter reporting the biblical reference, while the right one has the textual quotation transcribed. The decoration includes a big full blue- and red-inked uncial letter `I`, stretching itself along five text lines, decorated with red and blue threads and pilcrows as well. 750,00 EUR
Text : Lexicon. Letters H(u) - I (a) : left leaf, column 2, line 42 : Iacere. Genesis, 21 (16): Quantum potest arcus iacere ; Leviticus, 15: Si salivam iecit ; Numbers, 35, C. Iecerit quippiam per insidias ; Deuteronomy, 28, D. Sementem multam iacies in terram ; John, 6, D. In primogenito suo iacitat.
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