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Tsiolkovsky, K.E. Zashchita aeronata [i.e. The Defence of the Aeronat]. Kaluga: Izdaniye avtora; E.T. Archangelskaya, 1911. 12 pp.: ill., photos. Original illustrated wrappers. Fine. 2.700,00 EUR
Very rare pre-Revolutionary brochure in mint condition. - Konstantin Tsiolkovsky (1857-1935) is a man whose ideas made the space exploration possible. In the 1910s he has already proven that it`s not impossible to send some kind of operated apparatus into space, also he calculated the speed and conditions of such travel. His ideas were too ahead of their time and he met a little support. He was producing different projects of aerostats, aeronats and dirigibles trying to find the one that would fit his calculations. He had to publish the project using his own money in his native town of Kaluga and send brochures out to scientific societies and individual scientists. This brochure is one of the early projects of Tsiolkovsky. - In this brochure Tsiolkovsky defended his ideas. He gave concrete examples of how his works didn`t meet public`s approval but 2-3 years later different physicists were proving him right. He continued to promote his version of aeronat made of metal. In this book he provided specific technical and engineering characteristics of his space vehicle.
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