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Bragenell, Pierre. Douze Quatrains pour illustrer des aquarelles. Cythere (= Paris), aux depens d`un Amateur, 19230 (sic, but: 1930). circa 25,8 x 20,5 cm. Title, 12 ff., 12 plates by Gerda Wegener in pochoir. Contemporary decorated boards, original wrapper bound in. 3.500,00 EUR
Pia, Les Livres de l`Enfer, 1123-1124. Number 21 of only 150 privately printed copies "non mis dans le commerce" with 12 erotic poems accompanying watercolours by Gerda Wegener that mostly show two lesbian girls enjoying themselves. They had previously been published without text under the title "Les delassements d`Eros". The Danish artist Gerda Wegener notoriously had herself the pertinent inclinations. - Only the binding a little faded, the book and the original wrapper inside with few minor spots but very crisp.
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The title is up for the start of the antiquarian book fair.