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Turrecramata, Johannes de (Juan de Torquemada). Expositio super toto psalterio. Strasbourg: (Printer of Jordanus von Quedlinburg = Georg Husner), 28th of September 1485, 98 unnumbered leaves (last blank) with red initials in pen, rubricated throughout, 2 column in gothic types, 47 lines, early flexible vellum (note sheet), folio (28,5 x 21,5 cm). 6.800,00 EUR
First edition printed by Husner (first Rome 1470). Hain-C 15706; Goff I 531; BMC I, 133; OCLC 71148829. This is a very attractive folio edition of a book on the Christian significance of the Psalms, one of the major writings of Johannes Turrecremata (Juan de Torquemada, 1388-1468), a Spanish Dominican monk who attended several church councils, who became a cardinal in 1439, and who was known for his charity.
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