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García Márquez, Gabriel. La Santa. Matanzas, Ediciones Vigia, 1993. 27 x 22,5 cm 21 leaves and 5 additional leaves with typescripted text and illustrations. Handbound, sewn, glued and stapled original illustrated brochure. Wrapped in a unique paper binding. Very good condition. = Colección Trébol 480,00 EUR
Rare and limited artist book of a short story by Márquez (1927-2014), here # 85 of 200, illustrated and coloured by hand by Hiram Aguiar. Márquez was awarded for the Nobel prize in 1982. - Illuminado a mano. Diseño y dibujos: Hiram Aguiar "La Santa, es el segundo relato del compendio de doce cuentos escritos y redactados por Gabriel García Márquez a lo largo de dieciocho años, que conforman los Doce cuentos peregrinos.The estate of Marquez has been sold to the University of Texas.Princeton University Graphic Arts Collection has also several editions of the Ediciones Vigia.The Cuban publishing house has been active since 1985.
Exhibitor: J. J. Heckenhauer e.K. Phone: 0172 7409569
The title is up for the start of the antiquarian book fair.