Would you like to send a message by e-mail to antiquarian booksellers?

At the moment, you can contact more than 1660 antiquarian booksellers throughout Germany (a list of all countries can be found below, followed by all association members and members of the German Book Exchange (Börsenverein)).

You can limit the range of your message in Germany to German postal code districts.

We can forward your e-mail today for a basic charge of EUR 20.00 plus EUR 0.09 per e-mail.

How does it work? Quite simply: Just send us the text of your message and let us know what countries we should send your message to.

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List of different countries:

Germany 1660
Belgium    40
France  170
Great Britain  340
Italy    70
Netherlands   100
Austria    45
Switzerland    70
Scandinavia    80
Spain    30
Australia    65
Japan    15
Canada    50
USA  340